Department of Companies and Labor Inspection

The expatriate workers examination center, equipped with the latest laboratory and radiology equipment, under the supervision of a distinguished medical and technical staff, provides the following services:

Picture of Providing medical personnel

Providing medical personnel

Providing qualified medical personnel as needed, with appropriate qualifications and best practices.

Picture of Employment checks for companies

Employment checks for companies

All employment checks for oil and gas companies and other companies

Picture of Ambulances and medical supplies

Ambulances and medical supplies

Providing all types of required vehicles approved by Saudi Aramco.

Picture of Mobile clinics

Mobile clinics

Preparing clinics and operations according to Saudi Aramco requirements

Picture of Residency and municipality examination

Residency and municipality examination

Medical examination for residency - required vaccinations

Picture of Saudi Aramco inspections

Saudi Aramco inspections

Providing all checks required by Saudi Aramco.

Picture of Driving license examinations

Driving license examinations

Conducting new license issuance checks - license renewal checks and sending them to government portals

Picture of Coronavirus PCR test

Coronavirus PCR test

PCR test for coronavirus approved by the Ministry of Health

Success Partners

Gas and oil companies

Construction companies

Government contracts

Hotels and restaurants