Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Medical rehabilitation according to international scientific and professional standards and modern foundations, using the latest electronic devices and modern medical equipment to serve our patients. With a distinguished team of specialists and medical competencies specialized in physical therapy and medical rehabilitation

What sets us apart

Units for the treatment of pain.

Specialized units for spinal problems and herniated discs.

Specialized units for the rehabilitation and treatment of sports injuries

Units specialized in the rehabilitation of children.

Specialized treatment units using manual methods, including manual therapy - chiropractic.

The zero-gravity therapy unit to speed up recovery for those who suffer from problems in the lower extremities.

Chinese medicine unit.

Special programs for the elderly.

Cases that are treated

Joint and muscle pain.

Problems of the spine and herniated disc and after operations.

Nervous system problems for adults and children.

Rehabilitation after joint replacement operations.

Rehabilitation after fractures

Sports injuries and rehabilitation after joint ligament and cartilage restoration.

Problems of the lymphatic system and elephantiasis.

Hand problems and rehabilitation after delicate hand surgeries.

Osteoporosis and all bone diseases.

Programs for pregnant and postpartum women

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