Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

The Plastic Surgery Center is distinguished by applying the highest standards of quality medical care.
By providing high-level integrated medical services and the latest devices and techniques used in cosmetic surgery

The center includes a large group of the best plastic surgeons in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world who have the highest academic qualifications and are accredited by the major medical bodies concerned with the field of plastic surgery.

Breast surgeries

• Breast enlargement • Breast lift • Breast reduction • Treatment of gynecomastia in men

Facial plastic surgeries

• Eyebrow lift • Ear plastic surgery • Beautification of the eyelids and lips • Face lift • Rhinoplasty and ear plastic surgery

Cosmetic body surgeries

• Tummy tuck • Liposuction: - Breaking fats with a vaser – Cold laser liposuction • Buttock augmentation • Body sculpting after weight loss (arm lift, thigh lift and body sculpting) - Renewing glasses Body shaping operations, tightening sagging skin in the abdomen and arms, and liposuction from all parts of the body. Define the abdomen, hips and limbs Reconstructive surgery • Birth defects (cleft lip, cleft palate, hand deformity, etc.). • Skin grafts After weight loss operations, body shaping

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