Department of Dermatology, Cosmetology and Laser

The dermatology and beauty clinics at Marjan Medical Complex are keen to provide the best therapeutic and cosmetic services by providing privacy and transparency in dealings in order to meet all the needs of their guests. In the Dermatology and Cosmetic Department, we offer the latest technologies and the best safe treatments in treatment and diagnosis under the hands of the most skilled experts when caring for your skin and preserving the appearance of the skin so that it remains fresh and radiant every day.

Cosmetic services

Mesotherapy for hair, skin and skin cleansing

Botox to treat wrinkles and excessive sweating

Fillers of all kinds

Derma roller and derma pen

Treating cellulite, cracks and stretch marks

All types of peeling, such as chemical and fruit acids

Lightening sensitive areas, knees and elbows

Treating dark circles around the eyes

Treating scars and effects

Skin freshness and all types of masks

Supply of lips

Non-surgical skin tightening (thread lift)

skin diseases

Diagnosis and treatment of all skin diseases for all ages

Dermoscope to diagnose skin, hair and nail diseases without taking skin samples

Using melanocyte transplantation technology to treat cases of vitiligo

Taking skin samples and performing a cellular histological examination

Chronic skin diseases

(حب الشباب – الصدفية – الثعلبة – الاكزيما وغيرها)

Modern biological treatment in the field of treating skin diseases such as psoriasis and others

Treatment is through electrocautery, cold cauterization, local injections, and ultraviolet radiation

Cultural awareness articles

Cold peeling: Cosmelan
Dermamelan and its secrets

Cold exfoliation of the skin, whether using a Dermamelan or Cosmelan mask (cream), is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the skin, treat pigmentation and freckles, and lighten the skin. Cold peeling gives better results than chemical peeling, as it is a modern method and is recommended by beauty and skin care experts.

Mole removal

Moles may be a sign of beauty for some, and they may be a sign of some skin diseases for others, and then these moles need to be removed. In the following article, we will mention the reason for their formation in the first place and the ways to remove them.

Redness of the skin around the nose: causes and treatment
Redness of the skin around the nose is a common phenomenon that affects the nose due to skin sensitivity to external factors such as weather fluctuations such as cold or exposure to sunlight for a long time. Which leads to the expansion of blood vessels, resulting in a rush of blood, which causes redness of the skin around the nose. Excessive use of tissues due to runny nose resulting from colds and flu also leads to redness of the skin around the nose.
Lip fillers: French, Russian, and other lips

Lip augmentation and beautification with fillers is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure designed to give the patient fuller, more attractive lips. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has reported that lip filler injections are the second most common cosmetic procedure, as many people suffer from thinning of the lips for various reasons.

Scar cutting to treat sunken scars

The process of cutting scars is used to treat acne scars and sunken scars in the skin, which often appear as a result of acne recovery or other skin factors that affect the skin. Scars usually cause a feeling of dissatisfaction with the external appearance of the face, and many people are looking for a safe and effective way to treat scars.

Benefits of exfoliation with fruit acids

Fruit acid skin peeling is an effective and safe cosmetic medical treatment performed by a specialist dermatologist. It exfoliates the outer layer of the skin to get rid of dead skin cells. In addition to stimulating the skin to produce collagen and elastin and renewing skin cells for more youthful and radiant skin.
Fruit acids are extracted from natural fruits such as oranges, lemons, apples, grapes, sugar cane, and many other fruits. Fruit acids have been used for years in their natural form on the skin until they have now developed into the form of creams and solutions that are easy to use.

Types of freckles and methods of treating them

Freckles are small brown spots that appear on the skin as a result of increased production of melanin pigment due to exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Freckles are not a harmful skin condition and are treated for aesthetic reasons only. It appears on exposed areas exposed to sunlight, such as the face, neck, back, upper chest, hands, and arms. The people most susceptible to freckles are those with light skin and blonde and red hair. However, freckles may appear on anyone, as they appear as dark brown spots on dark skin.

Carbon laser

Many women may seek to have skin that is characterized by vitality, shine, and freshness, skin free of blackheads and acne, which always leads to extreme embarrassment. One of the latest trends in this field is the technique of using carbon lasers in facial peeling.

Methods for facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation depends on restoring the youthful appearance through medical and cosmetic methods, whether through surgical plastic surgery or through lasers, modern techniques, and injections. Facial rejuvenation can be done by raising the eyebrow, getting rid of wrinkles around the eyes, raising the eyelids, getting rid of pigmentation, etc., according to the medical condition, taking into account the differences in aesthetic standards. Between men and women, the approach taken in cosmetic procedures must be different depending on the case because one standard of beauty does not fit all, and this depends on choosing a doctor with experience and good taste.

Removing hairs and blood veins in the face

In this article, we will talk about removing hairs and blood veins in the face (in English: Spider Veins / Broken Capillaries), or as they are also called spider veins, which are small blood networks similar to the shape of a tree that appear as a result of the expansion of the veins and their breakage, and they are red or bluish-purple in color. These veins can appear all over the body, but most often they appear on the face around the nose, cheeks, and on the forehead. The appearance of these hairs is due to several reasons, the most important of which are aging, constant exposure to sunlight, chemical and environmental irritants, smoking and alcohol abuse, or suffering from some skin disorders such as Rosacea and eczema.

The ultimate solution to treat a gummy smile
(Gummy Smile)

A beautiful smile is a beautiful gateway to everything beautiful. The effect of a beautiful smile on the viewer is great and may be a charming and captivating effect. Who among us does not want to be like that? But on the other hand, we find that some people are embarrassed to smile because the smile is prominent and shows a large part of the gums, and thus the teeth appear as if they are small, or what is called the gummy smile.

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